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What elements do you value about a location when you need to host a business lunch or corporate dinner?
Without a doubt, you appreciate a restaurant that has a convenient parking lot where all employees, colleagues, customers, and suppliers can leave their cars.
Then you inquire about the interior spaces: the width of the room, the presence of a bar to have an aperitif, the possibility of having a dedicated environment where you can have a quiet lunch and dinner.
Perhaps, you also look for a place where you can carry out a short meeting or meeting before the time for lunch or dinner.
And last but not least, neat, clean and spacious restrooms for the female audience.
Ristorante Al Gallione has all these amenities and more.



for you

Together with our staff you can customize the menu for your business lunch or corporate dinner, letting yourself be inspired by its recommendations or choosing from the dishes on the menu.
The wine cellar offers several labels: from the most traditional to those that will amaze your guests.

To receive a personalized proposal, call or e-mail: us-we will be happy to meet you in person.

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