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Ristorante al Gallione

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on Varese Lake

The added value we offer you when you want to plan a wedding or ceremony with us is the menu.
Everything revolves around customizing the menu for the bride and groom or the celebrants: you have the opportunity to meet the Chef in person, express your tastes and ideas to find a solution that respects your choices.
There are no special effects: what amazes your guests is the quality of the raw materials and their freshness, the seasonality of the ingredients, the traditional recipes of good food and the wine list.
All prepared with a touch of class.
In warmer seasons you can enjoy the outdoor spaces: the porch, the dehors with gazebos and the garden.
In winter, we welcome you in the large halls: the neoclassical paintings on the walls give refinement to the environment.
In case guests arrive early, they can have an aperitif in the lounge bar while those who linger in the evening have the opportunity to extend with an after-dinner drink and have a bitter, digestive, or herbal tea.
The restaurant is a short walk from Lake Varese, conveniently located away from city traffic.
We have a very spacious parking lot.
We suggest you visit us in person to see the restaurant: the photos are beautiful but in person, everything is different.

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